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The group email solution for nonprofits and small to medium-sized associations.

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Why Gaggle Mail

A Modern Solution Which Your Members Will Love.
Gaggle Mail is the Clear Advantage

Modern Solution

Setting up and running your group has never been easier with a truly modern solution. 

Dependable Delivery 

Enjoy industry leading delivery rates with our intelligent message delivery.

Effortless Visibility

Get the full picture of what's going on with complete activity tracking. 

Security First

Built from the ground-up with security in mind — it's the platform you can trust.



The Easy and Quick Way To Communicate With Your Members


Have all messages at your fingertips with a fully searchable message archive.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain for your group address in a few simple steps.


Enable moderation of messages, set who should be moderatored and who does the moderation.


Allow members to choose to receive messages in a handy daily digest.

Import Members

Easily import people into your group with either copy & paste or from a spreadsheet.

Custom Footer

Include your own personalised footer in every message sent via the group.

Welcome Message

Prepare your own personal welcome message for when people join your group.

Join Online

Enable a simple web form which people can use to join your group.


Send individual attachments of up to 35MB and a total message size of 100MB.

Bulk Operations

Create or modify many of groups at a time directly from Excel.

Incognito Mode

Allow members to communicate without knowing each other's email address.

Track Activity

Have a complete audit of everything that goes on with your group.


Watch Video

See How Group Email Can Help With Member Retention, Growth, and Engagement

About Gaggle Mail

The No.1 Listserv Alternative

Gaggle Mail is a modern group email platform which was built with simplicity in mind. Running your group email lists shouldn’t be hard - we make it easy.

How It Work?

Take the Confusion Out of Communication and Reach All Your Members from a Single Place

Create your Groups

Give your group a name and setup your account and you're ready to go.

Add People

Add people individually, in bulk from a spreadsheet or let them add themselves.

Let the Conversation Flow

Send to your group through your regular email client or our easy web interface.

Success Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"Overall technical execution and ease-of-use make Gaggle Mail the best option in the market."


School Association Leader

"Simple, easy, and does what we want it to do. All software should be like this."


Realtor Community Manager

"Outstanding service, Whenever we have a question or face an obstacle someone is there to assist."


Legal Community Manager

"I have had no problems with emails to the groups disappearing.         Everything gets delivered."


Music Fan Club

"It's straightforward. It works. No advertising banners. We love it!"


Kids Activity Camp


Frequently Asked Questions

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14 day free trial

No credit card required

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Terms & Conditions

How do you handle security and privacy?

Very carefully! Here are some links to our terms and conditions, GDPR statement, and Information Security document.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send?

No. You can send as many messages as you like there are no limits.

Can I send attachments?

Yes. You can send attachments up to 35MB and a total message size of up to 100MB. There are more details on this here.

How does your pricing work?

There's lots more information on this on our Pricing page but simply put, we charge based on the number of people in your group.

Can I use my own domain?

You certainly can. We have a couple of custom domain solutions, either you can redirect messages from a mailbox you control or host your MX record with us and let us do everything.

How do I add members?

You have a few choices. You can either add them directly, invite people and ask them to join, or enable a signup form for people to use.

Hosted in the cloud Gaggle Mail combines a slick, powerful interface with fast, reliable email delivery to give you group email which you and your members will love.

With everything that you’d expect to find on a regular listserv and more besides (including our privacy-focused incognito mode) - you can trust Gaggle Mail to get your messages delivered.